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Can we have Call of Duty designed to actually be a competitive game with ongoing conflict? Right now it's basically a breeding grounds for bad gameplay because it's entirely designed around obliterating noobs - when you already have an advantage over players, you get another advantage (powerful killstreaks that easily loop around)... it breeds gamers that only want to play games where everything falls into their lap. There's nothing fun about being on the receiving end of killstreaks, because there's almost nothing you can do about it - and it's not a matter of losing the game, it's a matter of being humiliated and being killed immediately after spawning for a minute. You can only counter a VSAT with a scorestreak of your own - but if the enemy has a VSAT, it's because you're getting pushed into your spawn and aren't getting streaks of your own. I think in my 30+ days of played time in BO2 I've only seen someone have a CUAV ready for a VSAT once.

So, what's the solution to provide compelling gameplay and a competitive environment (not as in e-sports, but as in the game is designed around players competing against each other for the win, rather than just whoever gets their streaks first gets easy kills for 5 minutes)?


Possibly the most critical component is maps that are conducive to competition, that create more strategy. We don't need maps that are completely random with no logic to them, such as in Ghosts, but we need something more than just tiny 3-lane maps that are easy to cut off. Some maps I feel were a great example of what we need are Crisis, Array and Cracked from Black Ops... Yemen from Black Ops 2. We need maps that are big enough that not every spawn point can be cut off or camped (even in League Play 4v4 I very frequently encounter people being killed within a second of spawning). Maps that should be avoided, or at the very least not present in objective playlists, are those like Nuketown, Hijacked, or Dome (MW3).


Another prominent problem is that killstreaks are currently designed entirely around stomping on players of lesser skill than you... the number of people in this game who genuinely don't want a challenge is worrysome - I've seen a number of prestige masters playing in Combat Training playlist for easy kills, or complaining that Black Ops 2 attempts to match you with players of similar skill (not very effectively, mind you).

Streak rewards should be something to enhance gameplay, not compromise the integrity of objectives by making the focus on pushing the enemy into their spawn. It's sad, but often times killstreaks play a bigger part in the outcome of Domination, Hardpoint etc. games than the people who are fighting over the objectives. Another issue with them is that players who are already unable to obtain them are at an EVEN bigger disadvantage and are just dead weight to their team since the killstreaks the enemy got off them will continue to pulverize them... generating more streaks for the enemy.

Rather than something like Support Streaks which, while not terrible in concept, did not mesh well while streaks remained the primary focus of the game... we need something where we earn air support (or UAVs, etc.) based on our contributions... not based on our killstreak (or scorestreak). What I mean is have everything set up as a Support Streak of sorts. Earn score the way you normally would, with some nice bonuses for those who are on a streak (eg. 100 pts per kill, and then an extra 250pts per streak of 5). When you die, you do not lose any of your score. Then calling in a streak merely consumes the score you have stocked up.

For example - let's say I have 2000 pts stocked up. My streaks are UAV (600 pts), Airstrike (1200 pts), and Attack Helicopter (1700 pts). I could call in 3x UAVs, a UAV and an Airstrike, or an Attack Helicopter. If I buy an Airstrike, my stockpile of pts would be reduced to 800.

This retains the reward for performing well without making players who die short of a streak dead weight to their team, and moves the focus of streaks from a thing of prestige or stomping on noobs to actual support that anyone can obtain simply by contributing to their team. The focus then also becomes contributing as much as possible as quickly as possible, rather than chickening out of objectives or something just so you don't lose your precious killstreak (since you lose everything on death with the current system).

Now: if you get 1000 score and die, you get no VSAT and need to accumulate another 1200 score in one system.

In my system: if you get 1000 score and die, you still have 1000 score and can continue to add to it.

Naturally, streaks would have to have their requirements adjusted to prevent powerful things being called in constantly. And the element of "purchasing" your streaks with your accumulated points rather than just having one ready to be used once meeting some threshold adds a layer of decision making: "Do I want to use this UAV I can use, or would it be better to instead save up a bit more for my Helicopter?"

On the topic of the streaks themselves, I would very much like it if the Blackbird/VSAT did not make a return and instead would prefer to have a removal of any sort of Ghost perk (and a harder to obtain UAV) than have the Blackbird/VSAT that cannot be shot down and basically makes everyone on your team free points towards the enemy's next VSAT as soon as it's in the air. A VSAT is more of a death sentence than a Swarm is - and being able to constantly see your enemy's positions is detrimental to objective game modes.


Just my feedback after branching out and trying out different shooters... COD is just a really bad competitive environment and not very welcoming to new players.


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Not trying to be offensive here but...CALL OF DUTY listening to fans? Just look at ghosts....

I do agree with your points though.

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