Some nice gun setups?

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Some nice gun setups?

Hey guys,

just wanted to throw out some nice weapon only setups for campaign or multiplayer.

Share and have fun experimenting!

AN94 Setup:

AN94 with eotech (holosight) and select fire on burst is a really nice gun for the campaign and decent in MP. As most of you know the AN fires faster for the first few rounds before slowing down to its regular fire rate logically, you the selective fire and putting it on burst allows you to utilize the fast fire rate effectively and accurately. A different and more complicated and painstaking (IMO) method is to use the hybrid scope and i like the fast mag with it. This method involves the quick switching between re small sight and large back and forth while firing because the fire rate thing resets per switch (its a fun glitch ). This method seems to be quite nasty since the player has to focus on movement, aiming as well as the clicking of his/her left joystick which sucks ass when moving. its just really retarded. but ive gotten through entire levels on veteran just using this setup and i really enjoyed it, also i might have snatched a few vtols with this bad boy too

forever a beta fag,


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