Stealth - What is it, and how do YOU play it?

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When it comes to discussing "STEALTH", a lot of players express their views and thoughts, and so I made this Discussion so people CAN share their views and thoughts on what they think stealth is and how THEY play that play style. What is STEALTH? And how do YOU play it?

To start the discussion, I will share my thoughts on what stealth is and how I play it. To me, stealth is being undetectable. By that, I don't mean camping. I mean staying off the radar and eliminating opponents silently. To stay "hidden" and undetectable I use a few things.

1. Ghost  (or equivalent perk) - This will keep me off the radar (In Black Ops 2 you must move at a certain speed or be planting/disarming the bomb to make use of this perk). This will help me to flank enemies posted in buildings and vantage points without being detected if they have a UAV up. (I'm not sure about the effects of Ghost on Advanced UAV or Orbital VSAT).

2. Cold-Blooded (or equivalent perk) - This will remove my player name and heat signature, as well as not making an enemy's cross-hairs red when looking directly at me (depending on hip-fire box). This will help me stay undetectable to thermal sights, target finders, and MMS, and sensor grenades. Although I will not show up on electronic sights, players can still see me if I'm are running around in the open.

3. Dead Silence - This is not a very useful perk in Black Ops 2, but in other Call of Duty titles it is very helpful in removing sounds made by the player such as footsteps, call-outs (RELOADING! Hostile on the balcony!), and crunches when taking fall damage, but I still use it occasionally. This would be a very helpful perk if you are trying to sneak up on enemy snipers for teammates. This can be quite effective in Hardcore and objective gamemodes.

4. Blind-Eye - Makes undetectable to enemy air-support (not player-controlled air-scorestreaks). This will help in big, open maps where cover is limited to keep me undetected from these. Also helps in Anti-Air classes paired with a launcher as it will let you fire at the scorestreak without getting killed before you fire the rocket.

5. Suppressor - Kind of essential if I wish to remain off the mini-map when firing my weapon. Attach the suppressor to increase stealth potential and reduce the enemy's ability to locate my position.

6. Smoke Grenade - When I want to cross an area that's being monitored by an enemy sniper or LMG, I throw a smoke grenade. This piece of equipment will release a cloud of thick smoke that can you can use to run through without being seen. In Black Ops 2 and Ghosts, the smoke grenade will hinder a Sentry Gun's ability to detect you because it cannot see through smoke.

7. Flanking - I like to Flank, taking the longer, more covered routes or secret routes will give me the drop on unwary players. It is also safer than running out into the open. IMO.

Share your thoughts below   ~Mjiolnir

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