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hey activision or treyarch... you guys really can't make a game with no a cheat weapon???

¿how its possible that 8/10 "top killers" in each lobby use scar-h or an94????

i can understand that scar-h or an94 are good in long distance.. but those weapons are very strong in the close distance to and with supressor...

if you are one "top player" and use those weapons all days, YOU ARE A 5 YEAR KID.

sorry for my english.

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I guess you are new in BO2......... The top and best players on BO2 when it got released was PDW, all those players with high KD, you see PDW is #1 on their stats, because it has the longest ammo magazine and no need to reload it every time (fact: most of my deaths on COD when I'm reloading my gun).

However, after 3 or 4 months from releasing BO2, those players found a new favorite gun, it's the AN-94.... (it has less ammo magazine than PDW, but at least you not gonna keep dying from noobs using LMG with target finder) ..unfortunately, some players like you kept complaining about how OP (Over Powered) is the AN-94... therefore, Treyarch NERFED the an-94 (make it less damage than before). However, people still using it cause they used to it.

But later, those players found the Scar-H is similar to the old an-94. And now I see more people are going to FAL as a favorite gun. To be honest, I see the MATAR and M27, and of course FAL are more OP (as assault rifles) than those 2 guns, and in both close and long distance.

Finally, it doesn't matter which gun those "top-killers" are using, cause it's not about the gun, it's about the skill ... me myself I use those 2 guns (Scar-H & An-94) a lot, and I'm using them not because they are OP, it because I never use "scavenger" perk and I don't want to be out of ammo all the time (cause when someone has the same of your gun and died and you just passed on that gun on the ground, you will get his ammo, even if you are not using scavenger). therefore, since those two guns are the most usage in the game, I'm using them. If Treyarch listen to you ...eventually all the assault rifles will get nerfed and then later all the SMG and LMG will get nerfed too... cause people like you still complaining about dying from a skillful player using this or that gun.

In my point of view, between those two guns, I see the Scar-H, kills faster with less hit markers than the an-94. However the an-94 is easier mobility and kill better from close distance than scar-h. And trust me, I keep non-stop dying in close distance (even if I shot first, even from non-skill players)  from MSMC, PDW, MP7, Vector, Skorpion and of course from shotguns and QS snipers. Also, non-stop dying in long distance from FAL, LMGs and sinpers... and I never complained... cause I enjoy playing against people who are using scar-h and an-94, which as you said are the most "top-killers" guns

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my k/d is 1.18 and I'm brand new to the world of multiplayer. If you took out the times I got shot in the back, shot from the side, or got shot from a guy I never saw, my k/d would be like 115.20. The fundamentals of success in this game are simple: see them before they see you. All the flaws in my game are tactical:

not knowing the spawns, where they are, how they work, who's spawning where and when, not knowing where to be on the map, how to patrol it, when to fight, when to duck, when to run, when to reload, which is a BIGGIE for me. I get killed mainly for two reasons:

1- lack of knowledge

2- poor decision making

I find this game is way more about eliminating mental mistakes than gun selection. Even if you don't have godlike skills, if you play as flawlessly as possible you'll do well. getting into gunfights with a weapon more powerful than yours is a crapshoot. It frustrates the crap out of me when I find myself indoors against a guy who insta-kills me with a shotgun. the answer is to play in a way to not put yourself in that position. you can't just run around challenging everybody in gunfights. if you do, your stats will reflect your lack of imagination. A lot of guys just rush and spray. Then you check their stats and they have 27,000 kills with a k/d of .91 which is no accident.

The only true weapons problem in this game is with the sniper rifles, but that's another discussion for another day.

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