The point of quickscoping

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The point of quickscoping

Hey, I'm a little new to the forums and CoD. The last CoD game I played was Black Ops at my friends house a couple of years ago. I liked it so much that I bought Bo2...recently 2 months ago. Well enough about me, let's get to the topic.


What is the point of quickscoping? When an SMG or Shotgun comes running at you, wouldn't it be more conservative to no-scope? And why bother wasting a full second to ADS when you don't even bother to look at what is in your scope's vision?

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Re: The point of quickscoping

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It has to do with the mechanics of Aiming Down Sight (ADS) and Aim Assist. Aim Assist is what "helps" you find targets with a weapon while ADSing (you may have noticed the Aim Assist at work if your weapon sways right or left on like a doorway or a wall if there is an enemy within 'reach' of the weapon, regardless if the enemy is in sight or not). No scope will not give you the Aim Assist to lock on-target, therefore it is needed to AIM prior to shooting.

Many people learned how to quickscope, and some even got really good at it. A good quickscoper will put any weapon to shame, regardless of the range.

I still can't get it, no matter how many times I tried. It must be for people with better reflexes than mine, I can hardscope or ADS at a choke point and still miss the target lol.

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Re: The point of quickscoping

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Okay I am considered one of said "Talented" Quickscopers so I want to give you depth in this which others can't. Many adopt quickscoping as they find the other guns easy to use and want a challenge, or because others do it and they want to look cool too.


The snipers are constantly being nerfed and many shots do not register as hitting the target.

Hit markers: where you hit someone and it doesn't kill them. Are also very common.


If A shotgunner is running at you, if you noscope and it gives you a hitmarker, misses or doesn't register. Then your screwed, this is why aiming is commonly the choice as you will more commonly hit even at close range.


Also quickscoping does indeed require reflexes which comes easy to some. But this can be improved with training.


At high level when you scope in you can register and take into account what is down the scope (as if it slows down) and counteract the sway/incorrect centering in the small time your down sight. Another example is if I walk around a corner and there is 6 people there, I plot which will kill me first etc and kill them in order so I kill the most possible.


It may seem pointless and just shooting down a scope aimlessly, and for most it is. But once you grind for a lot it clicks and you obtain a skill to make sence of it all. But there is always ways to get better.


As an example of time required to do it well, I do about 8hrs a day for 5 years.


Hopefully this helps you.



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