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I'm just here to proclaim few words because I was not happy with the new call of duty. Advance Warfare is a trash especially when SledgeHammer made it. I'm a huge fan of cod, it's so huge we go way back from the beginning until now. I've played so much cod and its become a thing for me. I grew up playing it. It's because it's fun, hardcore, and competitive. That's what I was looking for this upcoming cod but no I was fucking disappointed. This code resemble of Titan Fall, Halo and even Destiny. This is not what I imagined since I had my chin up to look foreward on something awesome but all I see are people jumping around the area like donkeys, Noobtubing all over people, game glitch and yet sadly to pronounce it but there are still a lot of people camping but yet people says no lmao. I've played the game for couple of days and return it so don't ask me if I have play the game because read my statement. I just did that. My point is, I'm looking forward something great for upcoming next year and which is a game made by Team Treyarch and continue Black Ops 3. I wanna experience that battle again around the world and fight with all fairness instead of jumping around look like a dumbass. So please, do us a favor and make that agame once more so everyone will enjoy the cod series one more time. Thanks for hearing my voice and I hope this goes to everybody.

P.S I could explain why the game is terribly bad but I just wanna hear you thoughts about it.

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I like Treyarch's games best. They're not too over the top, just simple, and usually balanced quite well (over time). I would like to see A.I become the new enemy for Treyarch's campaign. Like I, Robot and Ultron, those kinds of A.I.

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You might find the following link interesting.  Re: World at War 2? For? Against?

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