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Hello Community

Hopefully I can get some mature people here and decent replies.

Lately I've been play CoD BO2, and I pretty sure I've seen max level players who hack and seem to never get banned. Secondly I'm always getting accused of hacking, especially when I kill someone who is hacking.

But what grinds my ears the most, is when I'm playing on S&D Hardcore, it's seem to be the people, and if it just one, they call me out to be a hacker, but to the point, when someone who thinks I'm a hacker that's on my team, they keep team killing me and others join in as well.

I just tried of getting team killed by childish players, who think I hack, because I'm better then them. Also they think I hack because I'm level 24 and I've only been playing 6-7 hours total. What does x mount of hours have to do with being a cretin level, last I recall it depends on how good you are.

I've seen someone whos only been playing 125 total and hes P1-P3 not sure which.

Out of all these things, I'm just tried of high level hackers never getting banned, hell I saw a clan full of hackers and this where the team killing started, they call me a hacker, because I've killed them and since this is a big clan some members are on my team.

I know I could just play normal core, but I prefer hardcore.

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just let it go, Inde. you can't stop the cry babies

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