What would be better Call of Duty Black ops style w/ re-mastered Zombies & online or versions like Modern Warfare and Ghosts for the new gens

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Modern Warfare doesn't even compare to Black Ops. you guys need to get back with activision and make another one. Number 2 was by far my favorite. Especially the Zombies. and Online play. Don't make us wait 2 yrs. I have an xbox one now and I cant play ZOMBIES! even if you guys just made a Pure Zombies game with all the maps from all the games I would buy it in a heartbeat. Please. The other CoD people don't compare to you guys. I have 30+ friends that agree with me and I live in a tiny town. I spent hrs and hrs playing online and zombies. Without cheating I made it to level 66. I love your game. Please consider making another or at least solely a Zombie game. It would sell so fast if you re-mastered the maps and put all the maps in the game. I would pre-order it the first day it was announced!

Ya but the COD games ther are coming out with now suck. I bought Ghosts, they completely stole the character customization from Ghost Recon..

And Black Ops is way better. Activision and Treyarch made COD what is it. Now the other companies are ruining it. and a new company joined so its going to be a 3 year cycle instead of two like it has been. Just my opinion. Between BO online play and Zombies, that's what makes the game good. Take that away and its just another way game. The past Modern Warfares have basically been the same game. Minus Zombies I personally think the best war game made was Tom Clancy's Summit Strike. That and Doom

Call of Duty Ghosts pretty much stole your character outlay. I bought it and returned it two days later. If it wasn't for you guys war games wouldn't be around how they are. Trust me you still have fans. Make another game bring back some maps from summit strike and GRAW. I know it would be an awesome game. Because of summit strike that's y my buddy and I play war games. You guys make the best of the best

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