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call of duty (thinking multiplayer):

                      -old west (or civil war?).   the campaign proved how much fun shooting from horseback is. 

                      -celebrity death match.  battle as and/or against anyone from de niro to cruise to lohan to shia labeef.  the dialogue, baby, the dialogue.

                      -jurassic park.  yeah.

                      -angels vs. demons - the blessed vs the damned: damn!!!

                      -food fight

                      -terminator(s) - duh-duh duh duh-duh!

                      -sock full of nickels (game mode comparable to stick n' stones).  throw in a tazer n' mace. oh! on that note:

                      -urban fervor (not the kevin grisham novel): street toughs vs. vigalantes vs. police

                      -animal kingdom:  this is my favorite. fight as n' against tigers, bears, lions, crocs, freaking bees, rhinos, snakes, gorillas, elephants and then a

                      -marine(life) wars: same as animal kingdom but unduh duh sea, where it bettuh and where it wettuh.


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