in DIRE need of help with the SMAW and RPG

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for the last week or so I have been working on these two launchers and have finished all but TWO challenges, one for each.

Destroy one Dragonfire with the SMAW, and get one triple kill with the RPG.

Now the RPG is frustrating because good old vonderhaar made it where you have to use ONLY the RPG for the triple kill which is in my pinion, unfair. because in the easiest gamemodes to get it in, 70% of the people on the enemy team will have flak jacket, and only the RPG can kill them for the triple kill challenge, meaning cars can't be used for it.

as for the SMAW challenge, it's simply blood pressure raising because:

A. people have gotten good enough to the point they don't use it.

B. people are NOT good enough to earn one.

C. when an enemy DOES get one, you have to use TWO rockets to kill it.

and finally D. freaking teammates steal the destroy!

any ideas how to complete these two infuriating challenges so I don't have to use them EVER AGAIN? =(

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