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my k/d is glitched ever since I got de ranked my k/d just doesn't go up I look at my k/d the last 5 games and it is most of the time between 1.00 and 6.00 never goes lower than 1.00 unless im lagging most of my gameplays I get above 2.00 and my k/d does not go up its stuck on 0.30 it might go up 1 after about 15 games of getting above 2.00 k/d gameplays so for example I play 15 games all above 1.50 k/d and it will go from 0.30 to 0.31 idk why this is I have another account and that works fine my k/d is 3.24 but my main account is some how glitched ever since I got de ranked so if anyone can help me I need and answer to this its really frustrating for me is it a glitch or punishment for being reported and de ranked? thank you.

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