looking for 5players who want to be in a clan cG-clutchgamiing (ps3)

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a lil bit about myself, my name is lamont king im 24 and i currently live in north carolina, tmi im guessing. cG started as an xbox360 clan i was recruited by cG triix, to claim my name i used the same on ps3(cG_K1LLaMan) as i did with xbox(cG K1LLaMan) feel free to add me on both, i dont have a 360 anymore but i will still accept requests via online.

the only reason im looking for five new member is this: arent you tired of being placed on losing teams, i know i am and 5 people plus me ensures a good team. im not in search of the best players(with practice comes perfection) i was sorry af on xbox 360 so i remembered i grew up with the playstation so why do i have an xbox? sold that and got a ps3 n have been on a roll ever since, now it doesnt matter which system i realized it was all in my mind. you dont need to have the best k/d as mines recently dropped from a 1.25 due to i started using a sniper for the simple reason i got tired of running around and out of nowhere get shot from someone camped out laying on the ground.

i am look for team players, my definition of a team player is someone who automatically knows if we are all going in the same direction there will be enemies taking the flank, i dont require you change your psn to join we will know who is in the clan by the "in the party" thing idk what its called n dont really care.

i dont care what weapon you use, feel comfortable doing you and be yourself.

race isnt a big thing, you would be surprised how many people find out im not "white" n call me some name n kick me out of their parties so if thats an issue with you this is not the clan for you.

you can be a camper for all i care, i recently started thinking about the advantages of having camping while playing search n destroy running into camped out zones.

if you want to see some gameplay i have a youtube channel(like,dislike,subscribe) Lamont King - YouTube

i upload these off the render video on the black ops 2 game so theyre only highlights of games ive played that why they have no commentary but you will be able to tell by the amount of multi kills i get.

so a recap: 5players, youtube, cG_K1LLaMan(psn) and if this is a clan you would want to join send those invites. thank you smoke a joint(if you dont smoke, dont get all butthurt) and just relax....life is long but stress makes it shorter. K1LLaMan out

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