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I remember when I first started playing in MW3 on the PS3. My aim and gameplay sucked.  Little did I know that my 42"LCD Vizio had about 60ms of input lag, and no game mode, which I realized in  BO2 when I was researching playing on gaming monitors.

I am at a point where I am an above average player. I know some are new,or struggling to get better. So, I decided to take the time and help those people out so they can enjoy first person shooter games on the console. If you are constantly doing horrible in multiplayer, it can be discouraging and  stress full.

I have created this series for those interested in getting better at FPS games.This is aimed at the Solo player, however, of course you can play in a team. Though its in BO2,and on a console(PS3) many of the techniques can be carried over to  other games. Loaded with tips on training for an accurate shot.

Link to the full "Noob 2 Beast Series" playlist, that has all the videos. This way they can be watched in order, or you can skip around.


Here is Part 1:

Scratching the surface of what is in the videos:

Part 1: Discuss the series. How Youtubers get high kill gameplays, verses playing solo. Options. Internet settings. Wired vs Wireless. Input Lag and  Accuracy plus more. Fixed most of my lag issues by switching to a wired connections.  Discuss how wireless connections vary/shift over time, possibly causing shifts in lag  compensation.

Part 2: Discuss Screen Control. Using the full screen to the best of your advantage, and  minimizing tunnel vision. Safe area minimap and HUD adjustment, bring it in closer to the  center of the screen so your eye does not have to look so far into the upper left.

Part 3: Knifing and C4 only training: How playing knife only and C4 only for awhile will  teach you to move tactically and predict player movement. Extreme condition and using it  wisely.

Part 4: Progress through these hip fire exercises, then to burst fire weapons, then to  single shot weapons to increase accuracy. Moving to a higher sensitivity to prepare for  sniping.

Part 5: Creating a new account that you will only use a single shot sniper on, the DSR  then to the Ballista once you get your shot down. You might have tried sniping on your  regular account, where you use a regular gun like an smg or assault rifle. Then you try  and snipe, but you get destroyed. This has to do with your sniping skills not up to your  Score Per Minute level as your regular guns. A new account, where you snipe only, will  have a lower SPM, so the lobbies will be somewhat easier. Plus much more sniper tips, and  how sniping can make you a really good accurate player.

Put all of this together, and your aiming accuracy will be way better. As well as your map  knowledge and movement techniques.

At the end of each video, is a clickable link to the next part. 

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