uhm r u effing joking?

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Okay so wtf is this you log on casually and play some games, win some, lose some which is normal and after about 45mins the system decides to arse eff you and you start losing every single game and you keep on losing and the players stay in the room and the retarded system doesn't even swap them betwen teams just leaves the op fags on the same team so even after losing 10 games in a row you lose another 10 in a row? and it's not even about playing bad it's just the other teams being so crazy op that your team can't do anything to them and you basically keep on getting spawn killed? i thought i saw the system say that the teams are chosen so the teams are about equally good? that's a joke right? cause if that's equal to you than you are beyond crazy... can't you do something about it? this is effing bs seriously waste of money to play normal for 45min and than get screwed by the dumb system for 6 hours nonstop wtf people?

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since this is in the BO2 forum i believe its safe to assume you were playing BO2. In the game you can prty up with your friends before you go into public matches and if you do party up it doesnt split your party up unless a person was kicked or left and came back and hence if you get a party of people who are op and play enough to know the basic spawn points then most people (who usually dont know how to break a spawn trap) are pretty much screwed.

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