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The community of Call Of Duty wants this more than ever


Call Of Duty Black Ops II Remastered


We want to see this game again in the consoles of today, we want to see and remember the story with Mason and Menendez in a totally solprendente graphic form ....

Call Of Duty Black Ops II was one of the best games I've ever played in my life and I can not believe that so many times that the community requests this remastered, you just leave it in Se ....

Believe me that this remastered game would be the best for which the players.


And i go to prove it.....


All the players and members who want this game REMASTERED in the new consoles... !Put your signature in that link!



I hope you sign,and if a Admin of COD, Activision or Treyarch see this.... Please !DO A REMASTERED!

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