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BO3 Multiplayer Ideas

These are some thoughts that I have had for the next Treyarch game. You can add some more ideas, agree with my ideas or disagree with them. If anyone can add on, that would be great.


  • Large/Medium LIKE BO1/CoD4 (Array, Jungle, Villa, Grid, Firing Range, Radition, Pipeline, Bloc, Backlot, Crash, Crossfire, Downpour, etc 
  • No symmetry  
  • No 3 lane designs like in BO2 
  • Large maps so all primary weapon types have equal strong damage
  • DO NOT have them open and exposed like Ghost´s maps..  
  • Two versions of each map! day/night, summer/snow - Like Makin day and Makin night from World at War


  • Use scorestreak system again exactly like BO2 
  • An AGR that can be skinned to look like Wall-E lol my joke^^


  • A mix from all different time periods. Some WW2 weapons, some from the cold war, modern weapons. Mix it up! 
  • Non-explosive crossbow - one hit kill to head and torso.


  • CoD Points - bring back daily contracts! Introduce team/party contracts 
  • BO2 Style knife or CoD 3 style Melee - CoD 3 melee would be nice! 
  • Pick 10 create a class
  • Nova gas or something similar
  • Napalm strike or something similar
  • Rolling thunder or something similar
  • Soldier customisation like BO1 with CoD Ghosts influence: gender/ethnicity selection. And choose nationality/faction
  • Unlockable animated player cards like BO1 15th prestige
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand!
  • Maps with a grid overlay and are marked with co-ordinates like in BO1(B4, D2, etc)
  • Masterkey for ARs that function like Ghosts underbarrel shotgun through the lethal slot
  • Coloured clan tags from WaW/BO1 – Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, cyan
  • C4 in BO1 style – slow and heavy to use.


  • Add Option to throw away or discard a weapon!

    New stat - show the percentage of how often a player stays in a game to the end 

  • Camos: silver or chrome, platinum, wasp, bring back tiger, animated camos like the dev camos that were discovered in the BO2 game files, plain solid colours – black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, add a camo creator?

  • Colour coding option for parties! Everyone in the party automatically gets assigned a colour in the party lobby when this option is turned on. It will help with communicating!
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Re: BO3 Multiplayer Ideas

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IIf treyarch do this it will be the game that puts cod back on too, but do it from around the ww2 and Vietnam period, like early start of Vietnam with the weapons from both eras, have the campaign with reznov and mason, before the escape of vorkuta

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