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For Next Installment

Please think about the following?

- Removing Target Finders, Tactical Insertions, and Riot Shields

- Incorporate Ghosts' Badges and some of their perks e.g. Ping, Strong Arm, and ICU

- Keep same number of allowed classes as BO2

- Bring back the Black Hat

- Attachments free (like in Ghosts)

- Custom Iron Sights (not just scopes)

- Player Customization (including dlcs for articles of uniforms)

- Dolphin Dive, Knee Slide, Lean

- Ping Pong Grenades (look up Perfect Dark for details on how they function)

- Proximity Mines (look up Perfect Dark for details on how they function)

- Under barrel Smoke, Concussion, Flash and Emp Grenades

- Integrated gun attachments like Grips, Laser sights, Silencers, and Under barrel flashlights (to blind like strobe lights)

- Weather, daylight/night time changes for every map

- Opening and closing doors

- Return of Theater Mode

- More urban city type maps with several floors and staircases

- Return of the UAV

- Co-op Campaign Mode

- Wall mountable Sentry Guns

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