Is Extinction going to rival Zombies (link to gameplay video)

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whots_his_face wrote:

Not round based at all?  I could have sworn they'd mentioned rounds in their video.  I'm really surprised they didn't include leader boards to appeal to both the multi player and zombie fans.  What a wasted opportunity by the sounds of it.  Well if it doesn't impress, I won't be giving it a second chance by buying the season pass.

But I have to say, even if the mode sucks, wow, haven't they made good trailers?  Love the first contact one

ehm, i guess it would be this.

whots_his_face wrote:

What are peoples criticisms dude?  Is it a general problem?  I'd be really interested to hear what you think, after you've had chance to play it. 

Maybe I'm just in denial, but I still feel a little optimism for the mode.

they want you money before you have the game, pre-order (pre-rip)

i think it wil be cod modern warfare 1.4 and you will notice it after you buy pre-order and seasonpass.

activision will piss their pants haha, we have sold them the same game for the 4th time and the double price. how do we call cod mw 1.5???$$

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Re: Is Extinction going to rival Zombies (link to ...

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Would be what?  Never mind

Of course they want my money before I have the game.. isn't that how things are sold?  And I can assure you, having spent 27 quid for the game, I will easily have at least as many hours out of it.  How much do you pay for your entertainment?  At less than a pound an hour it seems pretty reasonable to me.

I don't understand this cod 1.$.$ nonsense.  If you want a different game.. maybe you should try a different game.  And may I suggest you stick to free ones, where no evil capitalists will profit from you.

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