New gore mechanics for the next Treyarch CoD?

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One thing I would like to see in a action packed war game is gore. For example: if I where to shoot a guy in the head with a sniper, I would:

A. Like to see the guys head just explode

B. Like to see a big, bloody bullet hole in the guys face.

New rag doll physics please? If I blow someone up with a RPG, grenade launcher, claymore, grenade, or whatever, maybe limbs could go flying off and blood shoot out? Haha a little gory but it is a WAR game and should be as fun/realistic as possible right? Let me know what you guys think.

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Go and play Call of Duty World at War. It was the first Threyarch game on the updated version of the COD Engine. It have dissemberment (blow of heads, arms, torsos, legs, burn people till' they trash around as a rotting piece of charcoal, brutal large bullet wounds, snipers, shotguns and LMG's would rip people appart.


I think you should do some more research before posting something like this.

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I wish I had friends

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