Snipers suck in black ops 2

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Snipers suck in black ops 2

How does it come the snipers are the most accurate weapons in the game? atleast on PC the snipers are so bad, you can aim right on an enemy and shot and dont even get a hitmark. and you just nerfed the DSR, good job really. and i got another question why are you zooming in so slow with the snipers? the maps are so small and there is alot of corners if an enemy is around that corner with an smg or shotgun you dont even got time to zoom in before you are dead

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Re: Snipers suck in black ops 2

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The reason a sniper rifle takes so long to scope up that is because it is a large weapon not designed to be running around hip firing its intended for sitting back giving cover fire an picking off targets from a long distance.  As for NERF`ing the dsr none of the weapons have been nerfed at all the only reason people moan about the sniper rifles is because they are rubbish at using them and hate been killed by them

the wpns r fine the game is fine

As for sniper rifles been so accurate is .... that is the point of a sniper wpn they have to be accuratee to make sure they get that one shot one kill etc etc

As for running round a corner and not been able to pull up your sniper rifle in time then the easy answer is dnt run around with ur sniper rifle out switch to a secondary either pistol or smg

there for if you set ur class up correctly u can have best of both worlds u can run nn gun to get to your fav location or to rush a spawn and then u can pull ur sniper rifle out and pick off the targets as they come out of hiding

its a game of balance


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Re: Snipers suck in black ops 2

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