Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

I'm thinking most likely a World War 2 era Call of Duty. Here's why I think it will happen.

1. The way Black Ops 2 was with player choice to do certain stuff to alter the endings kind of ends the series. I highly doubt they will make a continuation considering that you can kill David's dad, Woods, and Harper. Not to mention either ending you do Menendez will end up dieing, whether you capture or kill him. I don't think they will introduce a new villain. Everything just seems right to end the story there.

2. Neither developer has made a WW2 since 2008. We know there will be a Ghosts sequel in 2016. I am pretty sure Sledgehammer is making MW4 considering all the leaked rumors and the fact that they helped with MW3 leads me to believe it even more.

3. They have new and stronger technology to work with. Given the power of both the XboxONE and PS4, they could really show off the power of the new systems during World War 2.

4. I think the fans in general are getting bored with modern era Call of Duty's. There's been MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, and MW4 to come. People want something to freshen up the game again.

5. Black Ops 3 seems unlikely, unless they make the campaign in a way where you can continue a ending you did in Black Ops 2 and make a whole storyline for that ending. I don't think so though, It'd be to much work to make a new story with every ending. A prequel, not even in 100 years.

6. If you complete zombies in Origins, you trigger a demo by sending a Maxis drone up the portal. In this demo you see Samantha playing with some zombie toys and characters. At one point you hear a alarm. I saw a video on YouTube where a guy explains what he thinks is going on in that demo. He said that certain alarm is from World War 2. ZOMBIE SPOILER! ZOMBIE SPOILER! For those of you who don't know or care about zombies, it's pretty much all happening in Samantha's head. That guy further explains that the zombies is actually happening for real where she is during that time. This further proves that it will be during World War 2.

This is what I think will happen. Let me know what you guys think. Thank You.

Message was edited by: Death__Knight I guess my predictions weren't right. Hopefully we'll finally see a return to World War 2 in 2018.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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Wish I would have read this before making my own post about it.  Yeah, Treyarch would be going down the wrong path in my opinion if they make another modern war type of game ( even though they the best of the other developers.).  It's time to go back to the good ol' World at war days.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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Deffo going back in time...wasted opportunity if they didn't. They showed their expertese in waw and we now have ghosts (modern) advanced warfare (future) so theres a slot for the past and I think every studio will now focus on their own era.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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I would like to see Black OPS 3 set in the current day or maby set in to 90's with similar multiplayer as Black OPS 2 but on PS4 also.

IMO Black OPS 2 is the best Call of Duty game in the series, I have Ghosts from day one on PS4 and only racked up about 10 hours in multiplayer, still play BO2 almost every day on PS3.

Advanced Warfare looks like Crysis 2, I did enjoy Crysis 2 also but it's not what I want in a CoD game so im going to skip CoD AW.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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Black Ops 2 was one of the *worst* Call of Duty titles of all time (RT @DavidVonderhaar: What's 'balance'?) It remains to be the most fun unhacked experiences on console first person shooters. The IW3 engine that it uses is heavily out of date and has terrible functionality. If anything, I'd hope Treyarch's fourth popular title would have the multiplayer functionality of GHOSTS.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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I'm just here to proclaim few words because I was not happy with the new call of duty. Advance Warfare is a trash especially when SledgeHammer made it. I'm a huge fan of cod, it's so huge we go way back from the beginning until now. I've played so much cod and its become a thing for me. I grew up playing it. It's because it's fun, hardcore, and competitive. That's what I was looking for this upcoming cod but no I was fucking disappointed. This code resemble of Titan Fall, Halo and even Destiny. This is not what I imagined since I had my chin up to look foreward on something awesome but all I see are people jumping around the area like donkeys, Noobtubing all over people, game glitch and yet sadly to pronounce it but there are still a lot of people camping but yet people says no lmao. I've played the game for couple of days and return it so don't ask me if I have play the game because read my statement. I just did that. My point is, I'm looking forward something great for upcoming next year and which is a game made by Team Treyarch and continue Black Ops 3. I wanna experience that battle again around the world and fight with all fairness instead of jumping around look like a dumbass. So please, do us a favor and make that agame once more so everyone will enjoy the cod series one more time. Thanks for hearing my voice and I hope this goes to everybody.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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I wonder how Treyarch is going to handle next year's COD. They can't go back to the old formula, with the invention of the Exo Suit in COD: Advanced Warfare. It is going to be tough for them to make a good COD, and not just a remake of Black Ops 2, or even making a Black Ops 3. They should make something that is new and fresh. Sledgehammer did their best to try to reinvent the franchise, and for the most part, they did a pretty damn good job. Now my concern is how Treyarch is going to keep expanding COD without making it seem like the same game every year. I'm counting on you, Treyarch!

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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My stance on which time zone Treyarch should pursue is mainly WW2. I really enjoyed the Black Ops 2 campaign for its mixed-story approach as it jumped between future and past, and if its not too late I think Treyarch should do it again with Black ops 3. They should begin a new storyline with the campaign mainly composed of flashback missions in WW2. Scattered in this campaign I think they should include post WW2 missions that emphasize the prevention of WW3.

I predict zombies will indeed return and hopefully with a few twists like vampires mode or something fun.

Black Ops 1 was the best COD game overall.

P.S. I definitely agree that a few player choices could see a return.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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Vonderhaar keeps giving hints on his twitter page so he could hint at what the time period is for the game.

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Re: Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

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These are my ideas for Trearch's 2015 COD. I think it should be "Call of Duty: Zombies" an entire COD dedicated to zombies in the single player, multiplayer, co-op (obviously), and grief.

Single Player-

A truly zombies single player setting the stage and perspective for this game. Maybe it's the same zombies story from a different perspective. Maybe it's happening right when the infection hits instead of long after like BO1 and BO2. Applying the zombies to a single player campaign could have a lot of potential. More melee weapons, more types of zed (but please not just another L4D ripoff) more parts, crafting things, it could be great.


-every time you score a kill or capture objective a zombie spawns that only goes after the enemy team. If that zombie is killed maybe it keeps re-spawning forever, maybe only 5 times...

-Killstreaks can be things like spawning 5, 10, 20 zombies that try and eat the other team, or calling in 1, 3, 5 Brutus from Alkatraz, zombie repellent...

-new perk tier that's the zombies perk that changes your zombies (gives them helmets or makes them faster or makes them do more damage...)

-more fun melee weapons in multiplayer

-killing zombies rewards small amount of xp, nothing for killstreak

-old school mode where perks and guns are found on the walls and perk machines and zombies spawn in waves but you still shoot eachother.

-Multiplayer PAP-

-in create a class you choose what stats of your gun pap will buff. (like the special weapons in Advanced Warfare but no stats decrease)

-Once you have gotten X score you can pap your gun which stays papped even after death.


-supports 8 players on some maps

-More tranzit sized maps

-LOTS of maps


-Special grief maps

-teams separated (like Virruct) and you can do things to mess up the other team -buy perk blocks that disable certain perks for the other team

-buy 5, 10, 20... swat zombies to attack the other team

-buy 1, 3, 5 Brutus to attack the other team

Each DLC pack has a co-op map, grief map, three multi maps


yay or nay?

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