Tritton Warhead compatible with xbox One?

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Are the Tritton Warhead going to be completely/partially/not at all compatible with the Xbox one? I can't find anything on the net needs more discussion. TRITTON...???!

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I have heard that no existing headset will work

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You can buy pc headset adaptors that allow you to use them on Xbox, so I'm sure something similar will come out to allow for using your headset on the xbone.

If not I'll be making one. :-)

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I am sure MS will sell you some kind of adapter for 50 bucks

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Most definitely, other retailers will also jump onto this.

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The problem is that it is wireless

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Contact Microsoft or Tritton directly

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The tritton Warheads should be able to still work, the reason the xbox 360 headsets wont work on the new xbox one is that all chat functions go through the controller.  The special thing about the warheads is that they are MICROSOFT CERTIFIED, the headset connects directly to the console instead of the controller.

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So I emailed madcatz which make tritton and asked them if the headset is going to work with the xbox one and this is the reply I got Greetings from Mad Catz!We currently cannot comment on compatibility, but we will have more information for you in the near future. Thank you for understanding. Have an awesome day!-Michelle RodriguezTech/Customer Support Rep

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