Umarex/IWI UZI .22LR Pistol Review and Demo (Video)

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Umarex/IWI UZI .22LR Pistol Review and Demo (Video...

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UZI .22LR Pistol Looks Intimidating!

The UZI .22LR pistol replica is made by Carl Walther in Germany. The UZI pistol is branded under both the Isreal Weapon Industries (IWI) tag and Umarex USA.

“The demand for .22 caliber guns continues to be strong,” said Richard Turner, vice president of sales and marketing for Umarex USA. “The addition of a .22 caliber UZI is a ‘natural’ add for us. It’s one of the most-recognized guns on the planet, yet few people have actually fired rounds through one. Shooting the UZI pistol is just pure, economical recreation with a ton of fun thrown in.”

The .22LR version of the traditional fully automatic 9mm Uzi was introduced back in early 2012. After seeing the gun for the first time, I had no other choice but to purchase it. Who does not want to hold an Uzi in their hands, replica or not? I could not resist. I did some research about the gun prior to heading down to the local gun shop, and the reviews and specifications I read seemed decent enough to make the purchase.

My number one issue when purchasing a firearm is cost, and the Uzi .22 pistol wasn’t priced to steep. The MSRP is around $480, but my local gunshop was willing to sell it to me for $400. The Uzi  feeds rimfire cartridges in 20-round magazine, and also features a grip safety and adjustable sights. Also there is a lower Picatinny rail for the gun customization lovers, ideal for laser sights or flashlights.

The guns performance was on par, but I was not blown away. I have shot somewhere around 350 rounds through the Uzi and have only had one jam, and one failure to feed. The most beneficial part of the weapon is that it is inexpensive to shoot and it never gets old plinking around! Overall I would recommend this weapon to any gun lover who just enjoy nostalgic weapons. I have provided photos and a video below, enjoy!

Caliber22 Long Rifle
Barrel Length9.5″
SightsAdjustable Elevation front/Windage rear

To check out the photo gallery and firing demo video visit:

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Re: Umarex/IWI UZI .22LR Pistol Review and Demo (V...

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I've never been a fan of the Uzi. For one it is ugly as hell and inacurate.

Is the mag single stack for the .22? It's weird that it only holds 20 rounds when the 9mm holds 32 rounds and it being same demensions with .22 being a whole hell of a lot smaller would fit way more then just 20 rounds in there.

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