Uploading videos on to your own youtube?

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Uploading videos on to your own youtube?

Hello guys I was wondering if anyone knew how to upload game plays on to their on youtube account?

Or is the only way by doing the 2min one?

I thought at first it would go on my account but had to search it any kind of advice would be helpful.

If you would like to see the one I uploaded just search up on youtube: Optic-S-Killer I only play  PS3/BO2

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Re: Uploading videos on to your own youtube?

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There are 2 ways in which to upload YouTube vids to your channel:

1) Make an alternate account and upload the video 2 minutes at a time and then edit all the 2 minute videos together to make the full video. To do this you would need another YouTube account. Search YouTube for this method their is a more detailed video on how to do this.

2) Buy a capture card, some can be expensive but some can be cheap. Have a look round. Here is a site for a capture card:

EZCAP.TV 116 EzGAMER USB 2.0 Game Capture Device. Capture gaming footage live. Supports Xbox 360, PS...

This capture card is around £30, and also comes with editing software (not that good but what can you expect for 30 spadooodels)

Hope this helped you out!


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