Will the Prestige System make a return in Black Ops 3? I hope not...

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Maybe it's just me, but I feel that the Prestige System in Black Ops 2 really wasn't that much of an effective system in order to give the game more longevity.

I feel as if Treyarch put this system in place to give the multiplayer more replayability; If you unlocked a heap of SMGs and Pistols and low-end scorestreaks, once you reached Level 55 you could just start all over again and unlock a load of different things (Sniper equipment, and different scorestreaks, etc.)

But it's not all that effective since it's actually pointless... "Okay, *congratz* you got to level 55, now you get to unlock a single damn thing with some worthless Prestige Token and unlock everything again!" Seriously Treyarch? I mean, it's still pretty fun and interesting after the second or third time of prestiging, but a total of 10 TIMES? Why would I want to work my arse off unlocking everything I want and then immediately lock it all again? Why not just skip the middle man and give us more permanent unlock Prestige Tokens?

And that's why I stopped after Prestige 4. I have everything unlocked, I can swap and choose my classes until heart's content. And I don't have to go through the trauma of using the preset classes that I'm no good with because I'm on Level 1 again if I've just prestiged.

I was an innovative idea of the face of it, but I really hope they have a different system in place to keep multiplayer going in the upcoming Black Ops 3.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have the same opinion? Do you hope it stays in Black Ops 3 (Even if you might think it needs a tweak?) If not, what other system do you want in place in Black Ops 3 instead of Prestige?

I really hope this isn't just a really upopular opinion of mine, or I'm just completely missing the point of the Prestige System.

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Prestige will never go, unless they happen to think of better ranks. There is not a problem of having to re unlock everything again. You have unlock tokens etc, at least prestiging  doesn't rip your hard earned gun camos off you.

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