how to make your girl feel special

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how to make your girl feel special

listen all guys look if want to make your girl feel special. then go to this forum alright. cause if some of you guys don't know girls want to feel special everyday of their lives.And i might be a guy but my girl says straight up that i do make her feel special everyday.So if you want tips on how to have a relationship like mine then here are tips.

1. if you go to different schools then say. if you don`t know i would ditch my school just to see you.

2.  instead of calling her by her name. give her a nickname like boo or babe.

3.lets say your in vacation and you see your girl there. And then you see another girl there. say to your girl i think your more beautiful then any other girl.

4. if you sit right across from her in class then right her a note saying i think your the most beautiful girl in the whole world and i want to be with you for the rest of my life.

5. if you made things bad  with your girl then say to her. boo what can i do to prove to you that i am willing to show you how much i care about you.

6. let`s say it`s valentines times day the day of love. if your girl says we don`t have to get each other anything. get her something but make it a surprise. here is my idea that i can give you give her flowers and try your best to make a song for her.

7. If she is sick text her. but text her saying don`t worry i will pray for you. she says you don`t have to. tell her i know but i want to because  i want you to get better.

8. instead of trying to act all tough to your girl just try to be sensitive and a little emotional for she can know you are  serious and for she can love you.

9. lets say prom is coming and you want to take your girl to the prom. this is what you should say. say hey boo can you go to the prom with me. if she said of course why could you have asked me before. say i felt like it but i was nervous to tell you and i thought you would say no.

10. If your girl says babe don`t come over to my house. this is what you say. Say no boo i want to. Because i want to get along with your family and if she says they will cues you out. You say i don't  care i want to tell your family how well i been treating you.

well that`s my forum i hoped my tips helped you and my name is Gabriel Barrera i am 16 years old. And again i hoped this helped

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