3months w/o playing, and now hackers everywhere?!

Black Ops II PC

3months w/o playing, and now hackers everywhere?!

Hi there,

I did not play this game for 3 months, 

I came back few days ago and i'm rly disapointed by the amount of OBVIOUS cheaters in lobbies. For example, I played full hackers teams several times and each player had multiple VAC bans.

Wtf are u doing admins ? I expected this game would be free of hackers since Ghosts is realesed.. but it looks like you do not check about cheaters anymore and the amount of hackers increased a lot.

Here some examples:

Cheater team : Steam Community :: Group :: Incredible Destruction

Steam Community :: iD' Anime <3 (this one is proud to show his 6.15 ratio K/D close to his 3 VAC bans on his profile -_- )

Steam Community :: iD' DiVide

Steam Community :: iD' HiiGH

Steam Community :: iD' EXtReME

Steam Community :: iD' 150k

Steam Community :: iD' Craankyy

Steam Community :: iD' Newbie

Steam Community :: iD' Ev0LuTioN

and so on..

Another obivious hacker i just played few mins ago:

autoaim + wh (4.15 ratio K/D + 2 vacbans):

Steam Community :: AAH TecciFlow

The worst is most of those players have 1000+ hours in multi, they are reported in every games but they are not banned.. that's crap..

So, what the fuck are you doing?! Looks like TAC is easily bypassed right now.. Need to improve your anti cheat system or manually check at obvious cheaters.. ty..

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Re: 3months w/o playing, and now hackers everywher...

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It is this lack of support is why I have my own ban. Never pay good money again for anything with the names "Treyarch" "Steam" or "Activision". They do not back up their product, patch common problems, or give any type of support.

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Re: 3months w/o playing, and now hackers everywher...

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this game is broken fix it full of hackers every game I will never buy a cod game again

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Re: 3months w/o playing, and now hackers everywher...

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Hello zrt23,

My name is VLT. I am a member of the iD PC Clan.

And I know that this members don't hack.

I've got 2 VAC Bans too,but not really because of hacking.They are because of playing fourdeltaone in the gamesfolder of mw2 and mw3.

And VAC Bans doesn't say anything,because BO2 has TAC (Treyarch Anti Cheat) and it's much better than VAC.It bans hacks that are wellknown in circa 2 hours.

But I agree on this Technineflow guy, that he hacks.I saw a gameplay of him on Youtube and I know him a little.

So yea, don't flame if you are worse than my clan or anybody.

Just leave.



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