Asia Player, Read This!

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Asia Player, Read This!

Hi There,

I been across many player who ask me weather they should buy this game or not and what does it feel like if you are from Asia country.

So let me sum up the information here:

There are 2 nearest server to connect : Australia Server & Japan Server

Player who have 15-80 Ping

- Japan

- Australia

- Korea

Player who have 90-110

- China

- Russia

Player who have 150-300 ping

- Singapore

- Malaysia

- Indonesia

- Thailand


What does high ping tell you?

1. Every gun game especially 10 feet within gun fight, you will have lots of disadvantage

2. Lag Compensate doesn't help you to get kill, it wont. Lag Compensate merely getting 3 side information and form

into 1 situation so you believe that you actually didn't shoot 1st. (but you did.)

3. Try run Hunter killer towards 2 enemy, 1 with 30 ping, 1 with 150 ping. Hunter killer will choose the high ping player. Trust me,

I've tested this at least 50 times already.\

4. Some of your opponent can tank up to 5 hitmarker or even more. (I got a video compilation where my friend from thailand need at least

3 burst from Swat to kill me. 7 bullet to kill because of of the bullet is not register at all, my ping is 30, he is 160)

5. Very weird testing show that same distance will same bullet count can get you team kill in hardcore mode but not with the enemy.

Example. 3 Bullet to get teamkill on hardcore, but it need at least one more to kill enemy. Weird right?

What does low ping tell you?

1. Your every game like playing with bots. If an94 need 3 bullet to kill, you will only need 3. No bullet non register silly things etc.

2. Easily kill anyone that lag hard. lol!

3. God Like in hardcore mode especially if you dealing with high ping player.

4. Use more LMG if you face with high ping player. Is like even you aim somewhere, someone will die. Especially in hardcore mode.

So critical question:

1. Will Treyarch add more server in South East Asia?

Answer: What you think? Before I move to japan, I've ask treyarch, activision etc... the answer is simple, we got your feedback and will revert soon but no answer yet.

2. Is this game worth to buy?

Answer: Yes if you are in the good ping region. What for you are buying this game if every freaking game u playing at 150 ping above?

3.Why you will buy this game?

Answer: before this, i was frustrated as i am from singapore and my ping sucks. Not to forget i got 200mbps but still get 120 ping. Until i move to Japan, my world changed. I was 1.01 K/d and i reset it while in japan. My k/d now is 2.45. Winning game at 2.32. So, tell me if ping really important.

A message to Treyarch:

Last time people build games so you can earn money, now... in your case, get the money 1st only build better games.

p/s: I think i will get ban for this or even post will get delete

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Re: Asia Player, Read This!

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I hear that on Wii that it is programed by Japanese. Perhaps the lag compensation is favoured towards them.

Japan and Australia connection upload are very bad as they are not the main source of internet traffic. They are mainly downloaders but their upload speed are a terrible mess.

So, in your don't get proper timely data updates.

For nearly over 5 years, the under sea cables for Singapore had never been repaired due to dirty politics between Asia countries.

Don't even know why Treyarch want to host in Japan and Austrialia. Their upload had been cripple for many years.

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