Auto Aim for PC players using controller?


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Razor naga 17 buttons copple pedals or a tripple set... 20-21 buttons should look into advice and yer i play on pc with a mouse coz i like to play with skill.... i posted a post a copple hours ago about hackers... aimbot's/aimassist's just befor i had seen your post they ban people for useing them.

sorry but your wish will never happen.

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i posted a reply on this discussion.

the way it is now, there is a huge advantage for people who aim with a mouse & keyboard.

to add some form of aim assist for controllers would not give any advantage to players who have to use controllers, it would just level the playing field a little & take a little away from the hug advantage m/k players use.

it also says in the PC manual that there is aim assist.

it should be added, it would improve the controller users gaming experience & also everyone else in the games who lose because of a controller users low kill/death ratios.

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already full of hack seen loads useing aim bots 

@cheddyteddy wrote:

would open up a hole area of abuse and imblance i get what you mean for you would help but people would abuse it and would not be fair to others..... try a copple of programable peddles and a joy stick


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I'm a PC gamer. I'm not going to let a stroke rune that. I'll stick with with no auto aim. Thanks for all you guys is help.

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Damn right brother... plow on!

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One of our clansman can only use one hand too.  He mastered one of those RAZR mice with a million buttons on it.  Good luck to you... thanks for sticking with the PC.

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I agree aiming assist is needed for the controllers.  People here posting I can tell have obviously never used the controller without aiming assist.  Alot of people assume that aiming assist means auto-aiming it isn't.  The controller needs the aim assist as it doesn't corespawn correctly without it.  Infact, any console gaming controls ALWAYS have aim assist as a controller is not ment to be moving like a mouse does.  It doesn't bring any inbalance to the game adding such a thing as without the aim assist already causes a major inbalance.  Since, as you know people with mouse and keyboards don't need such a thing as aiming with a mouse is already pin point on key.   I believe that aim assist is required and should be considered a bug if anything that it isn't already in there.  For those who commented against it.  Go ahead try using a controller without aim assist.    It pretty much renders that controller useless.  This is also why I refuse to play the Multiplayer protion of the game.     Again, you can very well tell the top comments were posted by mouse and keyboard people who have litterally no clue what they speak of as they assume that aiming assist is auto aiming...

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I actually just re-reading this topic.  I am pretty ashamed of how ignorant some people really are.   I mean, it is one thing of your comments actually held any fact or truth in the matter but everyone but the topic creator litterally assumes that aiming assist is anywhere close to what you guys call "auto-aiming".  What aiming assist does and usually only does is.  It takes away the jittery controls it currently has.  See, when you use a mouse you don't have any jittery controls as the mouse already has pin point accuracy.  Throwing in aim assist all it does is the same exact thing it does in zombies.  Nothing more.  So, when you guys are sitting there acting like you know everything about aim assist thinking it is something that would inbalance the game or make it too easy for controllers.  You clearly never played with a controller in your life and should never call yourself a gamer as you clearly are not.   Zombies already has aim assist for controllers.  Now, does this mean they auto-maticly have a higher chance of getting head shots and kills then mouse?  No.  Actually, if you look at statistics you'd notice that even with aim assist the mouse still can get better accuracy.   Thus, so I believe if developers are reading this to ignore those comments from those who really don't have a clue what they are talking about and please take in consideration of those trying to help fix your game on the PC and ignore those who are just being ignorant and don't really have a clue of what they speak of.

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The original poster asked about aim-assist because of a disability. His post had nothing to do with the mess your ranting about. You want aim-assist for the reasons your whining about.. hop on your xbox and enjoy your aim-assist. PC version is developed for keyboard and mouse. That's just the way it is, and the way it should be. Try asking for native keyboard and mouse support on console. See how that works out for ya.

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Personally, I'd like aim assist removed completely but since that's not gonna happen I'd like there to be aim assist enabled when using a controller for the PC.

Personally: I hate using the mouse and keyboard. I can coordinate much better with a controller then with a keyboard+mouse and thusly I use a controller for the PC.

This automatically puts me at a disadvatage vs people who use auto aim/aim assist.

Yes, I'd use it but only because it puts me on even ground with everyone else, if it didn't exist at all I'd be even happier.

Also this wouldn't be hard to implement. Whenever you touch the controller it automatically switches to the controller input, just have auto aim toggle tied to that with a option for the people who want it permanently off in the settings menu.

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