Auto Aim for PC players using controller?


Black Ops II PC

the only things i have found to help so far is playing non kill games like domination , demolition, hardpoint, that you can use other things to kill like bettys.

also if you go into the combat training area & play against some bots it is easier.

i think both of those recommendations really suck because i like the kill games, thats why i bought this. also in the combat training you only get 1/2 points & you cant get unlocks .

but i have an injury & cant play with m/k so thats the only things i can do so to avoid throwing this game in the trash & being ripped off by the manual for PCs that said there would be aim assist.

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Every time you post I feel my IQ dropping...In other words you should just stop posting.

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It's pretty sad to constantly hear PC players talk about gamepads vs mouse like it's some kind of XBOX vs PS3 debate. They give the attitude that the game is all about the mouse, but it isn't. I really couldn't stand playing with a keyboard and mouse. The PS3 controller is much more immersive and the thumbstick make movement feel much more natural. The mouse is easy to aim and most BO2 PC players will bunny hop around maps while clicking shoot, and it really doesn't seem very impressive.

Is the gamepad at a disadvantage? Only slightly because of bunny hopping and droppshotting, but as far as accuracy, I play on sensitivity 11 and can pinpoint just as fast as them.

As for the aim assist, sorry, PC doesn't need it. The controller works just fine. The reason consoles have aim assist is because of hosting lag. Turn it off on PS3, and you can't hit anything.

What most of you think is disadvantage, is actually a bug where the controller vibration causes extreme recoil. Turn it off. Also, controller lag caused by Vsync (sync every frame). Turn that off too.

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I have to agree, I can move around much more fluidly with a game pad but aiming with a mouse is ridiculously easy compared to a gamepad. You just have to get good at shooting people while they bunny hop or dolphin dive. I have been looking at the Belkin Nostromo thingy that combines a dpad with a keypad. It looks like it would give you the fluid movement you get with a d-pad and the aiming advantage that comes with a mouse. What is your K/D ratio SanAndreas?

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ok ok ok, i didnt read all of this, because i know its full of a bunch of M/K guys being gamepads haters.... anyway, yea, autoaim for game-pad only is a great dream, but will never happen. why? BECAUSE SOMEONE WILL MAKE THEIR COMPUTER THINK THEIR KEYBOARD/MOUSE IS A CONTROLLER. its actually quite simple. theres already technology out for xbox's and ps3's that do just that, ACTUALLY, there is a mouse, joystick combo made for the xbox. walmart sells it online for $75. its a mouse with the XYBA on the left side, and left joystick like a wii nunchuck with the d-pad and LB/LT on it... so thats another reason K/M guys are pwning us on consoles.... if trained, you can aim with a mouse 100000000000000000 times better than a controller. do NOT argue that with me, its just plain right. and im a strict console gamer.... but i am trying to play zombies on my laptop, so hopefully i can just get a hack for it... (dont worry, its a pirated copy, so no online cheating)

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Do you guys even realize that you are asking for them to add in an aimbot feature for everyone to use?

After all "aim assist" is nothing more than an aimbot.

The truth of the matter is if you want to play using a controller with "aim assist" you should be playing on the consoles instead of asking them to add aimbot "aim assist" to the PC version, especially when anyone with at least half a functional brain cell knows that kb/m users would find a way to enable it.

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the one thing that i want to know is that i've been playing black ops for 6 years on console and as soon as i play it on pc i get the crap punched out off me as i can't even get at least 15 kills without dying about 27 times :/ and i'm useing a game pad aswell so i feel more comfortable but is it actually easyier to use a mouse instead??

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