Banned, because my friend was hacking

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Banned, because my friend was hacking

Hi, so basically what happened is, I was playing with my friend some Origins on Zombies and then he suddenly turns on hacks! I ask him: "You little stupid hacker, can you even get banned?" and he said: "Nope". Well a day later I wanted to play some Multiplayer, because I just love Black Ops II .  Then I see this message: "This account has been PERMNENTLY banned from playing on the Call of Duty: Black Ops II servers.". First of all: why am I banned on Multiplayer!? and second: Why am I PERMANENTLY banned, when MY FRIEND was hacking?

I know bans are final, but still: WHY!

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Re: Banned, because my friend was hacking

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You apparently were TAC Banned and it has nothing to do with your 'friend' ... the TAC Ban was because you were caught hacking BO2. BTW please spare me or any of us that it was the other guy, TAC Bans are never overturned.

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