HC rules improved ? it's worst ..

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HC rules improved ? it's worst ..

Hi there,

I played some rounds in the "Game of the week lobby HC" and i do not undersand why you changed the rules about TK..

I had 10 kills without dying an i got a TK because of a random (noob?) knifer tried to cut ennemies when i was shooting at them and.... I died??!!

WTF is this shit, I lost my VSAT because of this.

I seriously prefered when a player was kicked out after 3 TK as it has always been..

By the way , in most of rounds i played, it was always a tard in my team to destroy turrets/guardians..

Last game i played , it was intentional, as when i placed my turret , my team mate was behind me and shooted at it within seconds pffff. So, I knifed him and .... i died again..

So, if you want to improve something in HC, maybe try to kick players who destroy friendly equipment.. You just have to count it as a TK or sth..

Anyway, the new TK rules sucks as it gives an unfair advantage to blockers, knifers and noobs who rush randomly across the map without to care about their team mates.

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Re: HC rules improved ? it's worst ..

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I kinda see where you are coming from, but at the same time it does reduce the amount of kicks per stupid tks. I've been kicked for lightning strikes from rushers, hunter killer drones for hitting walls next to team mates and people running into the turrets line of fire. I beleive they should fix somethings because now you can get any teammate care package you want by going lining underneath  the drop spot, which is stupid.

Also fail blind nades in domination will not kill your teammates from capping the flags.

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Re: HC rules improved ? it's worst ..

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Just thinking out loud here, I 'think' it's a good tactic on 3arch's part to get more folks to try HC over Core and the rules are so folks can 'try-out' HC, and I'm pretty sure it's better to be kicked than to get in ear full in in game and then in the lobby post game. The sole problem I thought of when seeing the rules change is a-holes trolling (killing) their own team...but I don't know if that's a real problem or not.

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