Permanently Banned for no reason

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Permanently Banned for no reason

Dear treyarch,

I just got a permanently ban today for no reason. Here's the scenario: I was playing black ops 2 legit, tdm on hijacked. i got 32-1 and people start saying that i hacked. It was totally legit and you can check the theater if you want proof. It may be that reason i got banned or i chould have something to to with this: At the time i was playing Black Ops 2 multiplayer i had Wolfteam (a fps game) tabed down. I was using cheat engine to cheat in wolfteam and it had NOTHING to do bo2. I think maby your security system thought i was using Cheat Engine to hack in bo2? I dont know but in other games you can get banned just for have cheat engine and a game running at the same time. It might be the reason? i try to find explanations to why i got banned couse i know that your securitysystem have benn improved. I think thats good to keap away hacker and cheaters away from ruin the game.

This is the only things that you may missunderstood.


So can you take a look at my case and see what i "did"? Give me and answer.

I really enjoy playing black ops 2 multiplayer and i hope i can do that in the future.

Dont take me for a cheater just couse i cheated in Wolfteam, me and my friend was glitching and needed the "allow speedhack" option to get to a place.

I hopw you understand my situation and that you Unban me.

Sorry if i spelled wrong me and my clan are going to play leuge  the 8/11.

Thanks for your understanding  // Tweeks ~

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Re: Permanently Banned for no reason

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uzTweeks wrote:

I was using cheat engine

That's why. You had a cheat engine running the same time as the game, and it detected it, regardless of if you were using it in BO2.

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Re: Permanently Banned for no reason

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Bans encountered in-game are the product of thorough investigation by Treyarch. Penalty is not subject to further review and permanent bans are lasting and final. We understand that you may be frustrated or confused, but we must lock this thread in accordance with our Community Etiquette & Guidelines.

For more information regarding in-game bans, please review our Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy.

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