Unable to connect to multiplayer

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Unable to connect to multiplayer

Yesterday everyone playing BO2 multiplayer was struck with tremendous server lag issues. The connection for everyone on the server was slow, the match would stall and recover or possibly crash. Often I'd join a game lobby only to be immediately booted due to a lost connection. I wasn't the only person having this problem. Before yesterday, I played multiplayer without any issues. Given the widespread nature of the problem, everyone thought the issue was related to the release of Ghosts.

However I now cannot connect to multiplayer at all. When I try to find a match, the game continually joins game lobbies and analyses all the matches but does not join me to any of the matches. The game then goes to the next game lobby and repeats the process. I am caught in an infinite loop where the game is continuously analysing matches, trying to find me a game to join but never finds me anything.

Before the other day, I'd be able to join a team deathmatch almost instantaneously. I thought this might be a temporary problem but I am having exactly the same issue tonight (that's two days in a row!).

Can someone please help? I haven't changed any of my internet settings or PC settings. BO2 multi is just not able to find me any matches anymore.

Thank you.

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Re: Unable to connect to multiplayer

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You might want to increase your search preferences to max say 300.

The numbers of gamers in BO2 are getting less, so you are now getting higher pings.

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