Yet more reasons for private server :)

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Yet more reasons for private server :)

Not been on forum for a while due to work, notice there are still lots of threads concerning cheats hacks etc.

Lets face it there will ALWAYS be cheats and hackers, be it PC or Console...fact of life.

Surely its how we deal with them that's important !!

Treyarch has tried its best(and failed) Steam does give VAC bans(but now you cant see what they were for) but still it continues to spoil the game for many players. I honestly don't believe there are 70% cheats in the game(as mentioned in a previous post) however it only takes 1 in a game to completely spoil the night.

Talking of spoiling the game, has anyone come up against players who are just out to annoy everyone? Its happened 3 time now, player on same side just continually flashes team mates so they get killed, once or twice may be accident but all thru the game... no way !!!

Tonight there was one on opposite side who just followed the same player round flashing him forcing him into a corner so he couldn't move? they both get shot and it all starts again... the "victim" finished up getting kicked for TK and he just started on another team mate? In 3 games his scores were  1-15, 2-17, 1-12.

IF it had been a private server these guys would have been dealt with and the majority allowed to enjoy the game?

Quick question... has there been a recent "deal" on Bops2 ? these guys are all "new" players(less than 60hrs)  cant understand anyone buying the game now when Ghost is due out within weeks ?? Looked on Steam and it seems to be at normal price??.

Lets pray they companies have listened / read the forums and accepted Private servers are a MUST for Ghosts... fingers crossed

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Re: Yet more reasons for private server :)

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have heard it will be dedicated servers...not sure if rentable or not.....but it is a start...time will tell

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