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Momba1 wrote:

Man you have some serious issues and in particular reading comprehension, I said no plan.

Momba1 wrote:

Listen my daughter's ex-boyfriend was an MLG Pro player...

This is why gaming companies are not involved in any PC tournaments anymore, because often times your great PC players were found out to be cheaters.

"Omg! wow, dude your amazing!! Would you like to bang my sister?

Nope those are your cheaters.

Troll/Learning Disabled; daughter not sister and from before plan v/s terrible player: If you cannot read at a grade-school level then quit typing your crap in this or any forum. Apparently, you are reading something but comprehension has the best of you. I do not appreciate the 'bang' comment at all.

The ex-MLG / daughter's ex-boyfriend who's in his mid-twenties wasn't cheating because he could do the same on my PC. Though on my PC I told him to allow a kill before a Nuclear, the difference is my PC isn't cheap (i7-3930K rig) and his was 'cheap' (old CF Alienware notebook). On a personal level the thing that really amazes me is his uber high income from his career in satellite sales to the military, airlines, cruise lines, etc.

MLG indeed offers PC tournaments in his case he played PC BF2 and at the time was one of the best in the world.

If we could rollback the time and if I were 35 years younger ... pff who knows ... I'd be scary good at this game. My single best KDR to date is 85 KDR on Slums and I'm an old fart (49).

Again, no doubt some good & smart players can indeed get their Mastery in 7 long days of play if they're good, that's their motivation and they have a plan.

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lol...sorry I brought it up...was more curious than angry...thanks for all your great replies...much appreciated

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