Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Just wondering if anyone else randomly gets given 0.00 k/d scores in the last 5 games graph.  I don't quit games or leave early when they are finished so not sure what is causing this for me.

The score has applied itself to actual matches and also has appeared when there was no game, for example I could get 2.0 one game, 2.10 the next and then the graph will have 2.0 - 0.00 - 2.10.

The scoreboard after match and in the replay theatre aren't showing 0.00 either.

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dont worry about it m8, just a glitch or something, black ops 2 has far bigger issues than inaccurate line graphs.

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great reply!!! couldnt have said it better myself.

yes FAR bigger issues

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Yes. I've noticed this since December. I don't know why it happens but it's very annoying.  By the way the games are counted as losses.

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