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nades were very annoying in BO not so much in BO2 it seemed as if in BO everyone could through a nade and get a kill when it landed.

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philla_killa wrote:

This is also the same if you pick up your own grenade; lets say you miss your throw it and it bounces off a wall near you. As soon as you pick-up a grenade using fast hands, it resets the timer to 2.5 seconds.

This made me LOL.  Picking up your own grenade and chucking it for the second time. 

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Ive done this both accidentally-bad throw. And on purpose-makes for a cool final kill cam.

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Happened to me MOREEE than enough times..

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It looked like the grenade did roll down the hill.

Inconsistencies in a grenades direction and bounce is likely due to it's shape. A grenade is not a sphere, the primer shaft (probably not the technical term) sticks out of the top; and off of that may be the lever. Obviously, where and how that primer shaft lands will determine how it bounces, and which direction it will favor.

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Good point that I've never considered.

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True, and I should have zoomed in more in this particular case, it did two things which was interesting:

It slowed down and it almost stopped.

I have thrown countless grenades, and have seen them land near me in the game, they do a rolling left or right motion because of the shape, this one just behaved differently. I also did not cook that grenade, I threw it just out of luck and it exploded pretty quickly when the guy appeared. Either way, they are inconsistent.

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you do have a point but do you really think that treyarch would pay that much attention to such a detail lol.

for a grenade to behave that realistic in an arcade shooter as cod seems really far fetched.

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I was using fast hands on nuketown demolition, they were spamming the garage with grenades and I was chucking them back like a man possessed, I had a great game

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