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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Attention: my opinion might differ, you could disagree and start raging. read at own risk.                                  

First, i want to say. 3ARC and Activision are so predictable.

When MW3 came out and people were thinking about what game should be next. people claimed it would be Black ops 2. AT the beginning. right, because

you can only expect from acti, are sequels to old, worn of stories that ( in this case) had no cliffhanger in the first place. the lack of inspiration and dedication is either

a mistake on treyarcs behalf, or Acti pushing to much for their next game. ( like they're burying their franchise with pleasure) because, be honest. did we have ANY good CoD in the last 3 years? MW2 was a advertisement hit, and yes it was fun. but afterwards, i only played Blops for its zombie mode, and when i bought MW3 i only played to prestige 0 lvl 80. ( and it is eating dust in my cabinet, since i have BF3) surely this wasn't a surprise for me when i heard

the next game was Blops 2. and it surely didn't surprise me neither when i heard woods is still alive and kicking. the only thing that surprised me was it takes it to the a distant future 2025 to be precise. but yet, its story is not interesting at all... terrorists taking over military AI hardware, and than use it for their own?

America takes the big blow, most likely Russians involved aswel. than some(American) hero steps up and saves the world. europe does shit, only america can save the world, and america stands on top. i smell american patriotism in this room... and mhhh... from which movies(and games) could these stories possibly come from...

but watching the trailer. i've noticed few things. a jet mission, (most likely) an modernized AC-130 ( surprise *kuch*!), some vehicle scenes and not so much ground shooting.

either this is pure coincidence ( erhm... no.) or Acti tries to take up Arms against EA and their ( better) game Battlefield 3. lots and lots of Vehicle fights, and the cockpit, shown in the trailer, just look allot of the F-35 cockpit in the B2K expansion jet. and these modern vehicles resemble to some of the BF:2442 game. its clearly that activision is so provoking EA and DICE that they fight up against dice ( and trust me, they shall fail)

but some will say ' you're a BF3 fanboy, fuck off'. so? even if i was pro BF, i would remind you that i've started playing FPS because of Call of duty 4 and 5( the 2 best games of their franchise) and every year, a new game came, underfinished. to many glitches, horrible Multiplayer maps and gameplay.

i cope, i was still playing COD, UNTIL... DICE came with this new game... i was sold instantly... why?
DICE worked for their game, longer than a year, dice listened to their community. they've gave a Multiplayer DEMO for their comunity,(when is the last time COD, had a Mp demo before release)  yet this singleplayer had a bad story, it multiplayer wasn't as dissapointing as some would think.

yes, people will buy this new game, with regret. because it will be just like any other CoD, customizeable killstreaks, blablabla. interesting stuff for kids who do not apreciate the game, and have a cow that can shit 100ths of dollars for all the (Already on Disc)DLC's and many more crap.

but this is going oftopic.

i've heard people yelling ' new engine'... erhm no. it works on the same old buggy treyarc engine, used for Blops. and i am sure, the only reason why everything looks nice is because they've edited it to look nice...

to be honest, and fair. do not fall into this joke. it will be as bad as MW3, have no interesting storyline, in fact; watching paint dry would be more interesting that going to 6 hours of singleplayer junk.

and its multiplayer isn't going to be flashy neither.

some improvements yes. but the most stuff you will add up. the most errors and mistakes will be made in the process...

*returns back to BF3'

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