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Why hasn't Treyarch attempted to do anything about AIM BOTS I have been playing COD for 2 years now I was a master prestige legit and wanted to try to up my KDR ratio and here lately I have turned in numerous players for this aim bot and yet have not seen Activison respond to fixing any of these hacks COD is all about aiming. I understand it is game but man fix some issues for the basic game AIM BOT is a cheat and a hack im about ready to put up COD and play Defiance instead It is getting ridiculous when 1 out of about 5 people playing this game has AIM BOT. It is taking the fun out of what I do for relaxing

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How do you know they are using an aim bot?

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Exactly. And do you have any proof of your claims?

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if someone kills me too many times in a game they have to be using aimbots

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Because he got killed. LOL Didn't you know that if you get killed then the enemy is an automatic hacker, booster, glitcher, aim botter, modder or nOOb using nOOb weapons?

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We can tell those 2 guys use it smh

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I admit I use an aim bot. I use it every game to own noobs. I use it to destroy teams, ruin their game, and make them quit.

It's called skills.

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No you worded that way to wrong. Never admit to using an Aim Bot if you dont really use one.

Dont mean to seem like a dck but I just switched back to PS3 and only been playing MW2 and literally been playing against Aim Bots every game. And if you dont believe me go play MW2.

Your post was just the wrong thing for me to read since ive been going up against little btch cheaters all night lol.

Ive seen you on these forums for awhile and read your posts so I can say with 99% certainty your not a cheater but never never never say you use an Aim Bot.

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MW2 = hack fest! Of course people aim anywhere and get kills in that game.

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Call of duty doesn't take 'skill', it takes repetition. Big difference.

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