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get better.

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I have not once encountered someone using an "aimbot" in bo2. I'm not saying they don't exist. You just suck and need something to blame it on.

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I have about a month of time played in this game and i haven't seen one yet, maybe they are out there but IMO it's more likely that you are just getting outplayed (or have lag issues and get dropped so fast because of it). I have been accused of using one a few times though, you give someone a beating and they feel the need to tell their excuses for loosing.

The older games are overrun by modders and aimbot users, hop on to MW2 and it doesn't take long for you to get into a lobby where someone has one, but that's not my experience in BO2.

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I've been accused of using an aimbot as well. I take it as a compliment and thank them.

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the same happens to me people think I am cheating just because I kill them many times they cannot accept that someone is better than them. espcially people with very high kd they are the one who complain the most.

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I have not been that lucky, I have encounter some people using aimbots. one person was automatically aiming before someone appear I watch the whole video. Another one was shooting through walls kiling people and no he didnt have millimiter scanner or had spyplane on. there are people using aimbots in OPS2 I can tell you from playing experience.

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Report them in game, and move on.

Video proof of their existence, or it never happened

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I've heard children in game saying "he's using an aimbot".  Watched the video and turns out it was a guy using a target finder.

Run around with the millimeter scanner and you will convince everybody you're using an aim bot, you can open fire as you turn the corner and the enemy will be saying "how did he know I was there?"

There is no doubt that there are hacks and cheats in this game.  But using hacks is rare in public lobbies, mainly because it becomes instantly detectable.  The biggest problem in public lobbies is boosters.

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What do you classify as a "aim bot" and what did you experience in the game?

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Vids or it didn't happen. No exceptions.

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