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Vids or it didn't happen. No exceptions.

Hows boston?

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Boston? lolz

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The problem is with posting a video for proof , it will be deleted from the mod.

Because name and shame isn't allowed on this forum , use the report button they said.

I did prestige master legit , 40 % did the glitch but they are still playing with there prestige master account.

So why should i report a guy if you don't care what happends in this game. Best way to do it , is to show there name on the internet.

Ive already posted here a video about a hacker in black ops 2.

You can watch it on my youtube channel DBCDeBacker

Hope some people then finaly see that there are aim bots , hacks and all that stuff is happening in this game.

This is the reason why i quite this game , not only about the hackers.

MW3 same BS , MW2 also , in every cod game there is a hacker... Will be the same story in cod ghost.

But xbox will have dedicated servers for ghost.

Sorry for my English

Edite : DBC debacker - YouTube

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What is the point in showing their name?  How does it really affect others?  I once heard someone say: Well we know if we ever run into them in-game.  I ask people this: Of all the hours you and I have played... how many times have we run into each other?

The problem with naming and shaming (there ave been detailed threads on it), is that anyone can come on here and say playerxxx is a a hacker/cheater/booster etc.... and it may not be true,

Then one would argue: well what if we have video evidence? Then it is true. Fair, but then the boards get cluttered with videos which are fundamentally useless (as I stated above).  Then it seriously just ends up becoming a exercise in trolling (what are you gonna do, add them to your friends list, hope they accept so you can follow them around gathering more evidence to clutter up the forum even more?)

It would be wonderful if all the hackers and boosters could be dealt with. Part of the problem is that too many people make useless and false reports, which inhibits the people viewing the reports from taking time dealing with the true offenders.  Most of the forumers (is that a word?) become seasoned enough to know to not to accuse falsely, but before they are seasoned, they are noobs (no insult, it is what it is) who point fingers wildly.

Bottom line it is a can of worms.

(and for the record, it is pretty easy to show video evidence without showing the names of the offenders. The goal is to show the hack, not the people using them)

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1 out of 5 use an aimbot?

80% of the players on ps3 use a hack? (referenced from another thread your posted to)

Are you serious?

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To the handful of self appointed reality police that demand video proof and deny the existence of any form of cheat, hack, boost, glitch etc without said video proof being provided:

Don't you mean "video proof or "I" refuses to believe it happened"?  Frankly, I could care less if you do or do not believe something has occurred on cod just because you have not come across it.  Nor do I grant you permission to be able to decide what I am allowed to believe

Are we now required to send you video for final approval or denial of existence in all things, only all cod things or just cod hackers?

How can the rest of us get on the list of being able to decide what other people are allowed to believe?  Sounds pretty neat.

Can you please post all the people approved for denial/approval via video and have the modz sticky it for our convenience?

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I totally believe that things can happen (as we have seen that they do!)... however anyone can come on here and make wild clams about things and turns out to be nothing, or someone's perception (and that happens a lot!) Back in MW3 (as an example) people were claiming about hacks. When asked for video proof, they turned out to be for the PC.  Eventually hacked lobbies did make their way onto the consoles.. but:

Video evidence does the following:

- prove the existence (obvious)

- let's others know what to expect when they come across someone doing it

- shows a glimpse as to how wide spread the problem is.

- allows people to know they are falling victim to it, making it so they can report offenders with confidence

You are an intelligent person, so if I were to tell you that I saw a Unicorn the other would likely not believe me.  But if I showed you evidence, we could investigate it further.  And having said that, without me having evidence of the claim, it is your word against mine and I can believe what I want.

I know you see what I mean... again, you are an intelligent person.

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Back in MW3 (as an example) people were claiming about hacks. When asked for video proof, they turned out to be for the PC.  Eventually hacked lobbies did make their way onto the consoles for sure, but proving that the problems were not on the PS3 kept the rumor mill down, until they became fact.

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I do know what you're saying.  In fact, I do not personally believe the OP statement that 1 in 5 users has an aimbot. I also know that more than a month after I first saw for myself in a room a person using a score streak with the score 0-0, I went to chime in on a thread about it.  I saw comment after comment from forum regulars with nothing but "video or it never happened." 

I would prefer an approach that instead of casting final judgement in lieu of video, perhaps resets expectations for the OP and offers ways to determine what is really going on.  As an example, in the score streaks available from 0-0, the first post I saw about it said it happened in the first few seconds, but with a couple of kills and a "B" cap, the player could have had enough for a CP to get the k-9 the OP complained about.  That thread closed with no confirmation of the hack/mod, but the next one a week or so later showed more than one person reporting the same thing in 0-0 games.

Now there is a rumor of a permanent VSAT affect.  I have a friend that IRL is a white hat hacker (hacks into a business with their permission to show them their weak spots).  He hangs out in some pretty shady areas of the net to learn new tricks and hacks.  I asked him about it and he said the ps3 version is called "see no evil" and asked me if I wanted a copy, so I assume that is real as well.  He also claims there is a hack where you can move off map, like into a wall or rock and then step back into the map after an enemy passes and shoot them in the back.  As far as I know, I've never witnessed the wall/rock mod, but I even heard two different people admit they use the VSAT trick and from time to time see character action that could BEST be explained by someone running that hack.    

The point I am trying to make is rather than just being dismissive with a "video or nothing" stance, let's not be like an ostrich with it's head in the sand, but willing to undertake an act of discovery, neither confirming or denying until the evidence comes in.  If that evidence is video, great; but let's not limit ourselves to one medium.  Take this thread as an example.  If the claim of 1 in 5 use an aimbot came from you, I would put a hell of a lot more credence into it than the OP... someone I have seldom seen post and when he does, it's always about being butthurt in some way.

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fair enough.. however I would never make a claim without some sort of evidence (video, screen shoot, etc...).  As well, if I could not provide proof, it would be in the nature of: "Has anyone else seen this", or, "Something to keep an eye on".  I would not make a claim that something IS happening without proof that it IS happening.

When I say "<proof> or it never happened", it is not so much being dismissive (although you make a good point and it can easily come off sounding that way), but more so, it is "innocent until proven guilty".

Under the same flavour as naming and shaming, if everyone came to the boards and complained about hacks that are not real... rumour threads would run rampant, and the real threats would get buried in a sea of nonesense.

I personally find it unfortunate that our playing experience gets compromised so easily and early in the game's life cycle; and it is good to have issues reported... I also find it disappointing that we (the community) have a hard time sticking to real issues.

* A bit of history: Wild claims of hacks is nothing new, and has been going on for years in every game.  As stated in a previous post, when people asked for proof, people people would post youtube videos that were clearly not on the platform in question. When the real hacks came to fruition, it becomes obvious because more and more people talked about it, and the proof surfaces.  9/10 when someone claims AIM BOTS, it is explained by lag (a difference between what they finally saw to what the non-lagged player saw), or in the case on BO2, the target finder.

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