After returning from my hiatus

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

It's probably been two or three months since I last played. Can't say the game has gotten any stronger, I noticed that the population has been consistently under 200k even as low as <150k which might be the reason. My trigger finger is still good but I still find myself getting 3-4 hits and still dying. Same ol' same ol'.

What I really want to address though are player tendencies. It seems like every game player are fixating on specific locations on the map and never deviating from them. For instance on Hijacked I'm noticing that no one is taking the hull route nor going up to the second floor. The only place people are playing are in the middle of maps. Even in TDM, a mode where there's not limitations to where you have to focus your attention players are still fighting solely over 'B' flag.

I know that 'B' is usually a hot spot regardless of game, mode, or map, but before there use to be diversity to traffic patterns. One match I camped out the 'B' flag and I got no resistance from the enemy. It was like shooting zombies (and that's probably a compliment). Are all the semi-intelligent players gone?

I would like to think that this is just a fluke, but every game I've played so far is nothing but a clusterfuck in the middle of the map, more so than usual.

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Maybe I focus on map skills too much.  Lately I noticed that's all I talk about.  If a player wants immediate action, instant gratification, if you will, the middle probably will not disappoint.

Every (or nearly every) TDM game starts with dudes dashing straight to the middle.  If you have good gun skills, you mighyt live through the middle and then perhaps proceed to the other team's spawn.  If you have poor or no gun skills, then you'll just die, respawn and rush to the middle again. 

It is what it is, and while they're rushing the middle, I'll try to flank from the sides.  If I make it to the other teams spawn in time before it flips, I'll be spawn killing a few people for a nice streak. 

Raid is a perfect example of where this is usually the rule of player movement. 

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