Anyone else seeing this

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


Over the last week I have noticed some strange animations when getting killed. A lot of time it appears that the enemy is looking away from me or even has their back to me. Anyone else seeing this?

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It's lag and the lag was pretty bad over the weekend due to it being 2xp.  Effectively, it's caused by poor connection quality and what you see on the screen is delayed due to the other players (or even the hosts) inability to upload information to you in a timely manner.  Ergo you get killed by guys that aren't even looking at you.  Or at least they weren't on your screen.  A good rule of thumb is to always assume that they have seen you and are already shooting even if you don't see or hear any bullets.  This will help when things are lagging and likely help you get the drop on people faster when things aren't lagging.

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