Anyone need one for League?(champions) [PS3] Or to start a team with me?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Anyone need one for League?(champions) [PS3] Or to...

I need a team for league because going solo against teams is what happens to me 24/7 and its impossible. I'm decent at Hardpoint and S&D, and usually play anchor/objective. Message JG_758 on PSN (and say that you saw this so I know who you are) if you need one for your team, or just want to make a 2/3 man team with me. If you need a team, I might have another 2 players if they're online, so just message and I'll see what we can do.

ps. please don't message in like a week because by then I'll either have another 3 players or will have found another team to play with.

You MUST HAVE A MIC and preferably be from the UK, but US is ok. Sorry, but I might not be able to understand people from other countries, which is obviously a problem.

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Re: Anyone need one for League?(champions) [PS3] O...

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Added you.

I'm iHugoo7

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