BOII Zombies Team needed

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

BOII Zombies Team needed

Hello, Im BubbkesHD-_-

First off, friend me if you like to play zombies

I mainly play bo2 zombies, but every so often I go back to bo1 and play. I have all map packs for Bo2 and Bo1

I am by no means amazing at zombies. I hold my own easily and know how to build most things on most maps. I usualy get down about 1-5 times in a 25 round game, and do what i can to revive people. Here are my favorite maps in order with the aprox. rounds i made it to in co-op.

Mob of the Dead -24

Die Rise -28

Origins- 31

Nuketown- 24

Buried- 28

Tranzit- 15

I dont really play tranzit or buried ever really because those are the first two maps I had and over played them, and i dont really like them anymore. I never really play games for high rounds, just for fun. My friend and I generally go on public match to find randoms and they usually are bad people with out mics. Anyway, Im not interested in easter eggs or any of that, just simply playing zombies. I play mostly on weekends only because of school (im 16). I also dont like spending endless time on individual games, which is what happened on Mob of the Dead and Origins. Was over 2 hours and we decided to suicide. I also like doing zombie challanges like 2 box, snipers only, shotguns only, etc.

If i feel like it ill throw it back to bo1, in which i love every single map.

If you are on PS3, have a mic, and like playing zombies, then let me know and we can get to it!

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Re: BOII Zombies Team needed

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shotgunz player seeking rictoffen easter egg and buried. let me know. EyesShutTight087

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