Best search and destroy class?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Love playing SnD, but i always have trouble finding a great class! need an excellent class for all maps?!? with reasons! please!

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primary- msmc

attachments- suppressor, laser (or quickdraw)

secondary- kap-40

perks- lightweight, flack jacket


tactical mask

and 1 flashbang.

reasons. msmc is a very powerful gun, moderate recoil. add the suppressor keeps enemies guessing where u are. the laser sight does 3 things. 1. helps with just the basic hip fire 2. after running it helps with spray keeping it more concentrated at a certain area. 3. helps with the accuracy

reasons for kap 40. when u run out of ammo on msmc whether it be no time to re-load or actually out of ammo. its basically another mini-submachinegun. very powerful. just watch out. kicks upwards.

use lightweight because it helps u rush. if u can rush to the middle and still have good accuracy you'll get several quick kills. hence the kap 40 for not re-loading the msmc. flak jacket to help any random grenades, rocket launchers/mnoobtoobers. toughness with help keep ur accuracy up and not make u flinch as much. the tac mask means u can rush freely without worrying bout a flashbang to slow u down. and u have ur flash to slow others down and get the quick kill during rushing. or stun them as they are planting and demolish them.

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Quickdraw and Stock

No perk 1

Toughness and Scavenger

Dexterity and Engineer

Black Hat

Good at all ranges and lets you destroy enemy equipment and scorestreaks.

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the problem with the an94 in search is this: sort range it sucks. ull get demolished if someone comes behind u. there is no point of having scavenger for a snd match. u wont be alive to use all ur bullets. if playing league play u cant have black hat. tho i do agree black hat is very very useful.  Also engineer is pointless for league.

But all i have to do is cook a grenade, and then stun u. ur dead. dont even need to come near u. for search... sub machine guns are the best.

Could the poster clarify wether this is for reg snd or league play snd? if its reg snd i can agree with u megadog. except this. no scavenger. u need flak jacket. and then throw the kap-40 on it. only use dexterity. get rid of engineer and use an emp. which then works as engineer because the blast radius on this is a complete circle. for example. if u have to emps. u throw on in the middle building of one side and one in the middle  of the other. u have basically removed everything the emp can take out.... on the entire map. the blast goes up, down, and to both sides. and it will cover a very good portion of the map. but in doing this... u wont need black hat. so instead use..... the emp.  so in essence.. ur class should look like this.

primary- an94 with quickdraw and fast mag (3 pts)

secondary- kap40 (1pt)

equipment- emp and a second emp(2pt)

tactical- 1 frag grenadeor c4 ( 1pt)

per1 flak jacket ( 1pt)

perk 2 - toughness (1pt)

perk 3- dexterity ( 1pt)  so in total 10pts.

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here is a very good class to use..

vector.. you need every bullet to land, so no recoil helps



awareness and dead silence

im not an S&D player ( may get into it though) but every time i play i hear players a mile away

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To be honest, there isn't ONE perfect, almost god-like SnD class. Way to many variables go into making that one class.

It starts with the map itself, some cater more for a quick agressive rush, in wich i would suggest any type of SMG you feel comfortable with, Flack Jacket, extreme conditiniong and tac mask. (Fill in the rest as you see fit). Also take at least one stun with you, so you can cut of the oppossing rushing routes. (good ex is B-rush trough terminal on express)

Other maps have longer lines of sight, or play slower. If that's the case, go for a solid assault rifle class (again, the one you feel most comfortable with). Slap on flack jacket, toughness, and dead silence (as i would suggest dead silence in almost every class, except for the real small maps, where you go on straight rush to the bomb site). As i am playing with an AR in SnD, i also very much like the fmj attachment, as it allows for some nice penetration kills, and will kill trough a bombsite.

Taken that in consideration you also have to watch your enemies play, are they rushing/camping/messing around with shields etc. Change your classes in between rounds for good counters to how the enemies are playing. Also the fact if playing solo (where you probably have to carry the whole team, and play more passive) or playing in a full party (where you have to rush your heart out in the hopes of getting a kill).

Try exeperimenting a bit with perks/attachments and equipment, see what fit's wich map best and over time you'll know what class to use on certain maps/against certain opponents.

Snd isn't learned overnight, it takes time to master this game-mode, but once you do, you're in for one hell of a ride

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