Blurry/dull/low res textures only on the PS3...? (Patch 1.02?)

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

So I searched around and saw that I'm not the only one that is experiencing this, and it's only on the PS3 version because 360 gets all of the attention.

I'm playing on 720p on a 32" Samsung and this is the first thing I noticed when playing this game. I tried 1080i, 1080p, and an HDMI cable, it all looks the same. I find it very noticeable on Slums and Turbine, even CoD4 didn't look like this. I tried playing with the texture install and still no difference.. very disappointing, even tried deleting and reinstalling it. It looks like I'm playing in SD, everything looks clear besides the textures. I turned my sharpness all the way up to max and they still look blurry. CoD4, MW2, Black Ops, MW3, all looked much better and didn't have this problem. 

Please patch this, give us another texture install or something... I don't care if it's another 2gb. If you noticed this please post so the thread stays bumped.

Update: I just took some screenshots in local (offline) mode to bypass the patch, patch 1.02 definitely made the game blurry. You can see the difference in these pictures, but it's way more obvious on big tv's. I would have taken these in Turbine but for some reason it's not on the offline map list.

BEFORE (No patch):

AFTER (Patch 1.02):

Patch 1.03

The difference is much more obvious on my 32" TV, whatever they did with 1.02 made the textures blurry, so this is definitely fixable. The patch also made the game take longer to load. I don't know if they thought the blurry effect would make the game look better, but it definitely does not. The game looks way better without the patch.

This isn't going to get fixed unless it gets more attention, Treyarch might not even know 1.02 messed up the textures.

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its kind of true that textures are blured, im playin on the playstation 3D display TV 24" LED and i know it could be much more detailed just by comparing it to black ops "1" thats is much clear and detailed.

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I'll be honest I never really bought into this Xbox graphics are better thing but then my friend brought his round to mine last week and honestly I was blown away.

The graphics are so much sharper and everything looks clearer. It's bright and vibrant whilst here on ps3 it looks a little dull in comparison.

Sound is also noticeably different, especially on the CoD series. It's painfully obvious that all the work is done on an Xbox then ported over. It's almost like playing a completely different game.

I was a diehard playstation guy before the other week, but now my honest opinion is if you have spare cash and you want CoD to be the very best it can be, get an Xbox...I will be soon. More people on mics, more communication, more laughs, better graphics, better sound, and the controller is nowhere near as bad as I once remember it being.

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I also have this problem

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It cuts me deep to say this but im buying both next-gen consoles And buying all Multiplatform games on xbox.

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gotta also be cutting that wallet

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Two days ago I played the game at my friends house. I was shocked by how low quality the graphics were on his PS3 and 32" TV. Today I bought the game myself and played it with my PS3 at my 32" TV and it looked a lot better. I'm not sure what the problem is, although he has a cheap $5 HDMI cable and I have an expensive one.

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More like get a high end pc, i have a high end gaming rig that runs bf3 on ultra and black ops and they look amazing on pc.

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Completely agree. I love the game but it's hard to play with surfaces looking blurry and the overall the visuals looking crap. The game looks incredible on 360 and PC.

I sure hope Treyarch fix this.

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Ok, so I came here to post the same question. What the hell is going on.... Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 look pin sharp on my 55inch Samsung. Black Ops 2 is so blury it is actually distracting. I played MP lvl1-20 and I still can't get used to it.

This has got to be a mistake right?

I downloaded the HD Textures to the HDD from the MP Options menu, but it appears to have made no difference.

Something is not right here, if the previous games have better graphics quality.

The other thing that strikes me is that the artwork is large... feeling like its drawn for 480p and then being scaled up or something... Things that should have a 1px stroke on them, are resampled and aliased. The Menus and stuff are fine, its just ingame, the HUD and Skull Symbols etc... are all too big.

I really hope this is a mistake that can be patched or fixed with a DLC.

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