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Ok so example:  My team spawn traps you on Nuketown you are using tac inserts inside A building I kill you.  You spawn on tac drop another one I kill you again, you drop another on I call in my chopper kill you again with the chopper.  Now I get kicked because the game thinks I am boosting off of you.  Your solution makes no sense.

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While your scenario is possible, I'd say if it happens 4 or more times, it becomes extremely suspicious and extremely unlikely that it's not boosting.  A legit TS user will smarten up after 2 kills, most after 1. 

That said, although I don't like the TS, they shouldn't take it out just because a-holes found a way to abuse it. 

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What really irritates me is that call of duty on HC allows team mates to kill your equipment like sentry guns, guardians, claymores, trophy systems, but you can't destroy a boosters tac insert if you are on their team?

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you can.

use a EMP grenade.

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