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Cod players

IIs it just me or has there been more and more players just spinning and shooting into the air and causing my team to lose lately. Every game I play I have like 2 players on my team with 1 to 5 kills and 30+ deaths. They arent even playing!

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Re: Cod players

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I've noticed that, too. I'll be playing along, thinking our team is winning (I check the score in game occasionally, but not habitually), and then the match ends and I see that we got stomped. Or, even worse, we lose by maybe 5 but there's always one or two players on my team who go 2-27!

I always check to see if they were boosting, but that hasn't always been the case - just really bad players. You have to wonder if they're holding the controller upside-down or something!

We all have "those games", but personally, when I'm going really bad negative, I just bow out. No, I'm not a rage quitter! I just feel that it's not going right for me and my team might stand a better chance if I wasn't there.I wish others would think that way, but they paid their money, just like the rest of us........

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Re: Cod players

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New form of boosting if you spin in air and shoot the other team will have a idea were you are and come for you plus it makes it hard to prove boosting without the tale tail duo tac insert  when I see this I break out my camp fire and smores and wait for the other side to come and farm them as they do

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